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He elaborates on continents related with the invention of mythologies, fate, void, irony, with the appropriation and modification of images, treatments done by the poetry of the impossible. He is interested in interweaving with words, texts, correspondence as bottles thrown and lost in the sea, to imaginary senders, over boats that fade away. The rhetoric that he projects is a synthesis of visual poems, that conduces to unknown repercussions through arbitrary decisions, capricious, to scenes felt, absurd, oniric, in the navigation of seeking stars, specular stars. The poetry is over there in the unknown. The vault of heaven offers a map of metamorphic intermittences, ones that throw multiple stems, dreams. The vehicles with which he approaches that boundaries of the reality are diverse, such as experimental photography, digital graphic, collage, draw, photomontage, written words, animation, video. Gustavo A. Rodríguez Nava actually lives and transits in Mexico.

La roca del tiempo



concentración diversa de imágenes y palabras

PROCESO de experimentación continua

escultura chatarra
ratones ready-made


Métodos que cambian según la singular determinación de cada caso imprevisible

Una metamorfosis sin anclas, sin únicos precedentes o referentes identificables

Sin temas predeterminados

azar vacío discontinuidad inconsciente

instantes irreversibles, una constante publicación de la transformacióin de un espacio virtual


Anacorésis anárquica neuronal

MEDIACIÓN con la nada en expansión


La contemplación imprevisible del destino

Campo de golf PERMANENTE

contacto exclusivo en el ciberespacio

distribución del objeto de arte independiente

(no es necesaria una existencia material u objetual en este espacio)



la posibilidad de lectura y ruta de navegación es desición del operante

el abandono del sitio es desición exclusiva del operante


Texts that diversify, auscultate and investigate in the language. Texts that... the texts that go over the burning rafts, crashing in the swell, in the middle of the hurricanes, that bits as fists of sand. Baggage that I'm that I will be that flyes in the bodies that never end, bodies crossed by who knows what kind of light. What? I never hear you, I can't do nothing with the aggression. You understand it now? I want to hear your melody, the once on once. I hear a mortal music. A music that dances with unexpected rhythms, accidental music, motivated by a little drum. 

Frozen images

Images that fly, images over a branch, 123, images, 345,777, I don't have any reason for that. The horse comes down from the man, the donkey starts to walk in two feet. The hats were over the floor ridiculous. The stars don't fit in the heaven making it sound in a teasing tone. I had, I told it yes, that I quite of between, and that I will come from the inside. Behind the heart, in the wall, the tattooed inscription inside the sentenced moon of a weakling that double me my length was in the perfect height. But, does not condemn billy goats. Chewing in their tooth tires. They chew what goats chew.

Moving images

Iridescent speculations, brilliantines. Who's talking? Who is it? Who is on the other side of the darkness and you? Whoopa.

The rock of the time

The matter that makes me up/ the matter that composes me/ that constitutes me, indestructible, is a rock. A variable rock, a rock of the continent though. It seems of none specific scale, it could be enormous, it could be tiny. A rock that you detour from, you play around, it hides, an impenetrable rock set before/ prefixed, an imaginary rock, without apparent sense, an invisible rock. The rock of times wanders, turns, across space. It's found lost without a name, it is found in the passing of the rivers, nearby a root, in the sand, in the middle of the sea. Physical rock of the transparent time. The matter that flies/travels across the milky way, scattering, that floods like an evanescent river of stellar dust, astral. Rock of rocks.

gif animado

Frozen image

All my life I haven´t done anything more than travel around, raise objects, take images, walk. I haven´t done anything more than wander, gaze.

artista inflado

Moving image

Kinematic of dreams, interdicts, confusing/indiscernible tales, unintelligible stories/plots. Sequences, not sequences. Who wants to continue giving sense to the roses?